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Product Inspection

50% Off Discount! Choose HKQCC now!

HKQCC offers a special discount to new customers! New customers can enjoy a 50% discount on the first 3 times inspection within one month!

For details, please contact us immediately!


Contact us :

Email info@hkqcc.com

Inbox m.me/104477521243019



Why choose HKQCC?


Expert in Product Inspection 

HKQCC established in 1995, we have many years of experience of product inspection, well understands with the business and production models of Mainland China and Europe, and has passed ISO9001:2008 certification in Hong Kong. It is a reliable product inspection company!


Professional Inspectors

HKQCC has employed more than 100 employees as inspectors in Mainland China, Vietnam, India, and other countries. Each of them has undergone professional and long-term inspection training and is ready to provide you with services at any time!


Clear Pricing

HKQCC charges are clear and provide a uniform charge based on the customer’s inspection requirements. There are no additional surcharges or hidden fees, you can better control the cost.


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