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Product Inspection

4 Problems You May Encounter During Product Inspection

HKQCC has been established for many years, our customer always confronts some problems during the process of product inspection, how should they be solved?


Q: Is it better if more numbers are inspected?
This is the most frequent question by customers. Product inspection is to check whether the appearance and functionality of the products shipped in this batch.

There is a standard for the sample quantity for product inspection, and the numbers of the inspection sample should depend on the total number of goods.

For example, the total number of goods is 500, the sample size will be 50. When the number of defects in the inspection sample exceeds a certain number, the product inspection will be judged as a failure.

If the customer requires verification of the specified quantity (e.g. Luxury brand), we can also cooperate, but the normal circumstances will be checked according to the AQL table.

Q: If I fail the first inspection, should we do the second inspection?
This depends on the buyer’s decision.

Some customers may unacceptable because of the inspection results. They will discuss with the supplier whether they will remake a new batch and then inspect again.

Some customers will ship directly without the second inspection due to the time or the defect is within the acceptable range.

Of course, conducting product inspections again will increase costs.

Q: How to deal with some unacceptable defects found in the inspection report?
After receiving the report, many guests do not know how to deal with, especially if they encounter unacceptable defects.

We will recommend that to discuss with the supplier whether they can exchange or provide discounts according to the situation.

Q: When should the pre-shipment inspection be carried out?
The pre-shipment inspection should be started when the product is 100% complete and at least 80% be packaged.

Product inspection is divided into early and middle stages, we will share it with you in the next article.





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