Product Inspection Service

What are Different Stages of Product Inspection during a Manufacturing Process?

A complete production process comprises different production stages such as raw material souring, initial manufacturing, installing, painting, packaging, internal check to ensure the quality of the final product. Quality Control is an important stage that review and improve the product…

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Inspection Service in China

Reasons Why E-Commerce Sellers Should Consider A Pre-Shipment Inspection

Successful e-commerce sellers know the significance of quality. But to successfully source products from manufacturers, you need to be careful and diligent about every single step in the manufacturing process. In order to avoid compromising on quality, pre-shipment inspections are…

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Pre-Shipment Inspection

The 3 Tips to Address Packaging Requirements to Suppliers before Pre-Shipment Inspection

Checking packaging quality is one of the major steps in Pre-Shipment Inspection. Before the products are ready to load for the sail, it’s important to check the packaging quality so that you receive them in good and undamaged condition. Other…

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